Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Physical Therapy

Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Physical Therapy

Many men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives but are too embarrassed to open it to anyone leading to frustration. The reason why only a fraction seeks medical help for this issue is. Fortunately, pelvic floor physical therapy is considered a safe and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. It can help improve blood flow to the penis and restore function.

So if you’re struggling with this condition, stop suffering in silence. We encourage you to take a step forward and let us help you regain your confidence and improve your sex life.


Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence, is a sexual disorder that affects a man’s ability to get or maintain an erection. While the cause of ED can be physical, it can also be due to psychological factors.

Factors for Physical Problems:

  • Age
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Obesity
  • Vices
  • Diseases like heart problems, prostate cancer, diabetes, etc.

Psychological factors are:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Although sometimes the causes of ED are unknown, it is still better to see a health professional about your concern to know the reliable treatment since there is now a lot of effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, including physiotherapy.

Things You Need To Know

The most common misconception about erectile dysfunction is that it only affects older men. However, even though ED is common at age 40 and above, it is still possible for people to develop this condition in their 20s. Since erectile dysfunction is a serious condition that a man can have, it also needs serious and effective treatment and you can count on physical therapy.

Treatment For ED

Erectile dysfunction is a real medical problem for men. It can be a source of anxiety and embarrassment. However, it is important to remember that it is a treatable condition. Often, treatments for ED include oral medication, surgery, injections, and vacuum devices. Even though those things are helpful for treating erectile dysfunction, physical therapy treatments are more beneficial.

Pelvic floor physical therapy can help to improve blood flow to the penis, increase muscular strength and flexibility, and reduce inflammation. In addition, physical therapy can also help to address any psychological issues that may be contributing to erectile dysfunction. 

Physical therapists can help to address the underlying causes of ED, such as poor blood flow or muscle tension. They can also provide exercises and stretches that can improve circulation and increase flexibility. In addition, physiotherapists can offer guidance on lifestyle changes that can improve overall health and well-being. These changes may include quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise. For many men, making these lifestyle changes can be an effective step in overcoming ED.

By working with a qualified physical therapist, men with erectile dysfunction can take steps to improve their condition and regain their quality of life.

Health Partner

Pelvis NYC knows how debilitating it can be for a man to experience erectile dysfunction. Even worse, no one knows where to find someone to help them overcome their problem. Luckily, there is now “someone” dedicated enough to help men enjoy their life without worrying about the pain they are hiding.

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