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Jeffrey Mayes


There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the magic that this doctor has right here. He is a HEALER in every sense of the word. Dr. Gvili always took his time to get to know me as an individual and then broke my issue down meticulously like he was rearranging a puzzle. God Bless you! I hope everyone in NYC gets to see you because you are truly the best! : )

Richard Woodrow


Adam is an extraordinary physical therapist.   He integrates exquisite professional knowledge of pelvic floor functioning, warmth and authenticity, and business savvy to create a unique environment for healing.


I was referred to him by a renowned urologist who told me that Adam is the best pelvic floor PT in New York.  No kidding!   What an experience this has been.  Everything about Adam bespeaks of a rare and extremely talented therapist.   He works out of a gym; the office reflects his orientation.   The space is an alternative to hospital or clinical medical based PT.   You feel more like an injured athlete than an injured patient.  During the process, he treats you like a partner, relying on your feedback to alter and fine tune his approach, and gives you tools and exercises to take with you between sessions and after treatment ends.   He works both from a deep base of scientific knowledge and exquisite interpersonal skills that individualize the treatment.   I entered work with him with fairly significant discomfort and symptoms that interfered with my life.   After several months, I began to feel significantly less pain, more capacity to control the symptoms, and able to use his tools on my own to sustain my progress.

Camille S

Have been a runner for years. Every Doctor I have seen over the years always told me to “take it easy” or “stop running”. No one ever looked at my whole body when addressing my issue. Adam was the first one to do so and empowered me to move. I highly recommend that if you are an athlete or someone that has been trying to find the solution to your issue, get in touch with him. Adam has been crucial to me being a better mover.

Colton T

Probably the coolest Doc I have ever met. He is the most caring, genuine and upfront person you will EVER meet. I went to see Adam as a last resort. If I couldn’t get better with him, I was going to do a very invasive surgery that probably wasn’t going to help me. Thank god is all I have to say. I would not wish pelvic pain on anyone. Adam is not only 1 of few males in the country that treats this condition but also went through it himself. I am writing this in hopes that everyone who seeks care for this issue can find it through him, as I really believe that this is the gold standard of care. I truly wish Dr. Adam Gvili nothing but the best as I believe that he will revolutionize the pelvic floor realm…. A million more thank you’s!

Michael Zecker


I have been suffering on and off with chronic pelvic floor pain for over twenty years.
It has at times been diagnosed as non-bacterial prostatitis, but no urologist has ever been able to help relieve the pain I’ve experienced over the years, and I’ve been to many.

Luckily, my current urologist prescribed physical therapy  and I have had the incredible good fortune of meeting Dr. Adam Gvili, and now I honestly can’t imagine life without him.
He is kind, caring, and compassionate, and most importantly, as someone who has experienced chronic pelvic floor pain himself, he LISTENS, and UNDERSTANDS.
Through a combination of breathing and stretching exercises, and external massage and internal pelvic floor work, my symptoms have greatly improved.

Adam is incredibly skillful with his hands, and the internal work he does to release my trigger points, along with exercises and external muscle work, has had lasting effects that have helped to improve sexual function and urinary flow.
Finding him has truly been life-changing.
If you are suffering with pelvic pain, or have any other ailments or injuries that require PT, get to Adam as soon as possible.
He truly is a God-send.

Izzy Nathan


I have had debilitating back pain for over 7 years. I have been scared to death from Dr’s who told me I will never be able to run or exercise again. I was showed MRI’s and X-ray’s that told me I was broken. After being diagnosed with a Grade 2 spondylolisthesis, I thought I would have to be bed-ridden .. I am very wary of physicians who push injections and pain killers as well as practitioners who want me to see them for the rest of my life..Dr. Gvili took his time to treat me holistically and with a whole body approach. He thoroughly explained why I was in pain and how important stability, strength and  proper body mechanics are to overall wellness..


After 1 session I already saw a major improvement with how I was walking, moving and even chewing (which is so wild) After the course of treatment I was back to heavy lifting (something that I haven’t done in years)..His pinpoint approach wastes no time in getting to the cause of the issue. I am without a doubt a client for life as I truly cannot thank you enough for giving me my life back

Bryan Huang

When my chronic pelvic pain progressively worsened, I thought all hope was lost. I was anxiously searching online to find a “cure” since doctors couldn’t help. The mixed experiences people had with this condition left me more confused and devastated than ever. I stumbled upon a post on a forum recommending Adam at Symbio who has healed many people with pelvic pain. I took a leap of faith and begin my healing journey with him… Adam is incredibly skillful with his hands. He educated me that my symptoms were mainly due to tight pelvic floor muscles. My long-term habit of clenching my butt and locking my jaw created muscle tension that was not released properly. When he did internal massage to release my trigger points, he was gentle with the pressure yet precise and effective. I found great relief after each session with him. Moreover, Adam spent the first few sessions truly getting to know me (my family dynamic, social circle, cultural values, etc). It was therapeutic that he showed genuine interests in my personal stories and unique life experiences. As a former sufferer of pelvic pain himself, Adam demonstrates high levels of patience, compassion, and empathy – traits that health care professionals require to treat patients. If you are experiencing unexplained symptoms in your pelvic area and have been told by doctors that “your urinalysis is negative” or “the pain is all in your head,” you need to look elsewhere for recovery. Your best chance of healing is to visit a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. The stigma towards male chronic pain is still well and alive out there. The only way to address it is to be vocal and proactive about it. Take the driver’s seat and steer your health to the direction you want. From my experience, I highly recommend Adam who will do whatever he can to accompany you through the journey. Having chronic pelvic pain is by no means a death sentence. You don’t have to (and not going to) live like this for the rest of your life. You will get better!

Jeff Summons

I was in debilitating pain for years until I finally got the proper care I needed. Dr. Gvili not only was able to educate me on what was going on (which no doctor has done before) but was able to get me on a path to at least 50% reduction of symptoms within a few sessions. My quality of life has increased dramatically and I cannot extend my gratitude enough. He truly is a godsend. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Oscar Madera


I write this review with pleasure!


For starters, Dr. Gvili will say to call him Adam, but this man did more for me than any doctor or specialist I have ever met. I came to him with a 19 year history of excruciating on/off low back pain. I’ve missed countless events, as well been through different bouts of depression due to the pain.


Dr. Gvili lead with education and was there to teach me about my body. I used to fear movement and an active lifestyle because I thought it would lead to my pain. Little did I know, it was the inactivity that was further causing my pain.  He treated me as an individual and took a whole body approach. The best part is I only saw him for 9 sessions before he “discharged me”.


Thanks a million! Anyone who is in your care is truly fortunate.

Harrison Glassman


I was referred to Dr. Gvili after experiencing a wide range of symptoms caused by CPPS/Prostatitis, and I just finished my last session with him. As my sessions with Dr. Gvili progressed, my level of pain went down so much until I reached the point I am at now, where there is barely ever any pain. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and if you follow his exact treatment plan, you will be able to cure your symptoms. In addition, Dr. Gvili is incredibly personable and I was able to communicate and relate to him incredibly well during all my interactions with him. He’s such a genuine, knowledgeable, awesome guy. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a great Pelvic Floor Therapist. Thank you for everything, Doctor!


Thomas Frick

I have been to so many board certified pain specialists, alternative medicine doctors and no one has been able to help me with my Chronic Back Pain. So when I was referred to Dr. Adam Gvili, I was definitely skeptical if not burnt out by the medical community as a whole. I can honestly say that I wish I found him 10 years ago. After a few sessions my back pain of over 10+ years is completely gone!!! And with no pills or surgeries. He is extremely educated, patient and empathetic. He took the time to get to know me and taught me on how to prevent this in the future…I have lost 20+ lbs since starting with him due to being able to move more often and more efficiently without pain or stiffness.. It truly is a process that works..Just got to stick with it and the end result will be that much more rewaring I am definitely a LIFER! I will be drinking this Kool Aid for a long time…I cannot thank Dr. Gvili enough… Truly changed my life!

Annette F

I’ve had chronic neck pain constantly for a little over 2 years. I have been to so many Dr’s who didn’t want to take the time to help me and just prescribed me pain medicine. Being a young Crossfitter this was not a sustainable option for me. Adam took his time, explained me why I was in pain (which no one ever did) and got me better. I highly recommend Dr. Gvili as he got me off pain killers and back to a life that I love….