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Why Is There A Need for Male Pelvic Floor Therapists?

Why Is There A Need for Male Pelvic Floor Therapists?

Male pelvic health still carries a stigma. Men’s needs are often overlooked, leading to a lack of understanding and treatments specifically tailored for men. Thus, Pelvis NYC was born out of necessity. When Dr. Adam Gvili, founder of Pelvis NYC, experienced pelvic floor dysfunction and did not get all the help he deserved, he decided to treat men’s pelvic floor as a male. Male pelvic floor therapists are specially trained to focus on male health concerns, providing the care and attention that men deserve. 

For more interesting reasons why men need male pelvic floor therapists, continue reading this blog because there are many reasons to share!

Pelvic Health

A pelvic floor is a group of muscles and tissues that support the bladder and sexual organs. These muscles can become weak or damaged due to many factors. As a result, men may experience problems with urinary or bowel incontinence, sexual dysfunction, or pain in the pelvis or lower back. 

Male pelvic floor therapists are an essential part of pelvic health because they can provide male-specific care. The male pelvis is different from the female pelvis, so it’s important to have someone who understands the male anatomy. Male pelvic floor therapists specialize in treating male-specific conditions, such as erectile dysfunction. They can help men to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, which can improve urinary control and sexual function. 

In addition, male pelvic floor therapists can provide education and support to men who are dealing with prostate issues or other chronic health conditions. By working with a male pelvic floor therapist, men can take steps to improve their overall health and well-being. They also undergo special training to assess and treat these problems. They can provide customized exercises and treatments to help improve the strength and function of the pelvic floor muscles. Therefore, men can enjoy improved bladder control, better sexual performance, and reduced pain.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Adam Gvili is a male pelvic floor therapist who wants to end the gap on who should treat men. Since no one wants to go next with male genitalia, he specializes in male health concerns. He offers treatments for pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, and pain. He is also a certified Pilates instructor which allows him to offer tailored Pilates programs to his patients. His unique combination of skills and experience, makes him uniquely qualified to treat men’s pelvic floor problems.

Our office is located inside the gym, and yes, it is not the usual sterile clinic that you are expecting. Our clinic is a thriving one with a goal of making every client feel at home as we help them improve their symptoms. For a consultation with Dr. Adam Gvili, contact Pelvis NYC today to schedule an appointment with a medical professional who listens to you, identifies the root of your symptoms, and designs the best treatment plan.

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